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Chicago Hip Mobility Workshop

Seattle Hip Mobility Workshop

San Francisco Hip Mobility Workshop
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About The Virtual Hip Mobility Workshop

The Upgrade Guys (Rich & Nat) are Mobility Specialists that have helped hundreds of people improve their Hips. From Squatting and improved Golf Performance, to feeling less stiff and more able, The Upgrade Guys help you Move Better and Feel Better so that you can DO MORE.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get hands on experience with two of the best Mobility Coaches in the business.


  • 2.5 Hour Workshop
  • What are your Hips designed to do?
  • Learn to Self Assess your Hips
  • Learn how to train your hips
  • Understand when you need Stretching and when you need Strength
  • 1 Hour Internal Strength Model Class Experience

This course is closed for enrollment.