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Death of The Traditional Chiropractor | A Conversation with Dr. Moses Bernard

Many of you have gone to see a Chiropractor in your life. Just like any field there are people who can genuinely help you and there are quacks and hacks. We have no issue making this statement. Hit dogs holler, so if you are neither quack nor hack then it's likely you shrugged that off, or nodded...


The BEST Investment For Your Body

Most people couldn't really tell you much about investing, especially if it's not their expertise. A smart person however will seek professional help in order to seek out the right investments. The average person is too busy to parse through the mounds of misinformation littered throughout the...


Split Stance Squats Won't Earn You Mobility | The Upgrade Yo Sh*t Podcast - Episode 1

The Upgrade Yo Sh*t Podcast is NOT your normal podcast. It was started by coaches Rich Thurman and Nat Viranond as a place to discuss Strength Training & Mobility Training thought process with a hint or Social Issues, because that's what we're about. This is raw uncut and unfiltered dialogue...


Kinstretch - How to Improve Hip Mobility

The Hips are one of the biggest bang for your buck joints in the body. They provide a broad range of motion and can be a big limiter for a lot of things that you do.On a superficial global level they're involved in the sports you enjoy like Golf, Running, Tennis, etc. On an exercise/strength and...