The Hips are one of the biggest bang for your buck joints in the body. They provide a broad range of motion and can be a big limiter for a lot of things that you do.On a superficial global level they're involved in the sports you enjoy like Golf, Running, Tennis, etc.

On an exercise/strength and conditioning level, having good hip mobility is required for optimizing Squats, Lunges, etc.

Those are all complex globally integrated movements.

Rarely do we address the joint itself alone.

So where does one start with improving Hip Mobility and Function?

A quick and easy way to get started is with a Self Assessment. We use CARs as a form of self assessment. CARs stands for Controlled Articular Rotations and this is a means of taking your joint through the fullest range of motion that you have access to. Having a professional asses these for you would be ideal, but if that's not possible, self assessment will suffice. Find out more about CARs in our FREE Foundations of Mobility Course which includes Kinstretch classes, 15 Minute Mobility Snacks and more.

A professional assessment would be ideal. In this assessment we use a combination of the CARs Assessment along with Table Tests to test the ranges of motion your joints have. This gives us a clearer picture of what the joints of the specific human in front of us is specifically capable of. It helps us guide our next steps, exercise/activity prescription and progressions.

Once you have an assessment you'll have a clearer picture of your personal map. Where is my body on the map in relation to the destination I want to take it.

When you don't know where point A is, getting to point B is like blindly throwing darts at a dart board. You're doing activities in hopes that it will take you where you'd like to go.

Now that you have a map, we can assign specific progressions to address the findings of the assessment.

The Motions of the Hips include:

  • Internal Rotation
  • External Rotation
  • Flexion
  • Extension
  • Abduction
  • Adduction

Maybe after the assessment we find that your hips should have a little more External Rotation to do the things you'd like to do with more efficiency and effectively. In this case, we would assign work that specifically addresses that need.

While we are working on the specific area of need, you can still do your global activities and we continue to do CARs as a controlled exploration of the available work space.

Improving Hip Mobility carries a high ROI (return on investment).

Disassociating Hip function from what the spine may just help with Back Pain and more as Spines don't like being asked to do Hip stuff.

Helping you optimize and upgrade your body is what we do.

We're here to help.

Get a start on your mobility and a better understanding when you join our FREE Foundations of Mobility